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Learn about the differences of CBA® and CDAA® as well as Level 1 and Level 2, with a quick 30 minute presentation from our experienced team, followed by a AMA
(Ask Me Anything).

professional learning

how to get prepared


Watch and learn from leading professors and teachers from DEC academic and industry members as a support to the DEC Institute´s study booklet if you prefer to have a guided and more visual learning experience. Access the MOOC preparatory courses on the DECx platform on, where courses can be audited free, or candidates can choose to receive a verified certificate of completion.

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DEC Study Booklet

Read and study from the DEC Institute´s booklet, covering timely topics on blockchain, digital assets and Web3. This study booklet has been developed to help you prepare for the DEC examination and will support you throughout the preparation period. It includes mandatory and optional readings selected by our members and sample questions along the exam syllabus.

Estimated study time: ~ 26 - 45 hours
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dec member course

Find a series of online and offline courses and training provided by DEC member universities and training providers, which further support your journey to becoming an industry professional. These courses and training allow you to deep-dive your expertise in your area of interest, for and beyond the DEC´s charterholder programme. These courses are complementary and optional.

Required time: from 12h to 6 months
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DEC Institute has partnered with the leading MOOC platform to deliver preparatory courses for its CBA® and CDAA® charterholder programmes. After completing these courses, candidates can download a certificate of course completion and register for the exam on DEC´s website.
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dec learning resources - study booklet
This guide has been written to help you prepare for the DEC Institute exams and should be used in conjunction with the Factsheet. Within each part of the syllabus, resources have been selected by DEC Institute academic and industry members to help you better understand and learn about the topic area.

Resources have been added and categorised according to:  
(A)  Academic papers  
(V)  Videos  
(B)  Blog posts  
(E)  Educational resources  
(N)  Newspaper articles    
(I)   Industry resources

The estimated study time is around 26 to 45 hours, depending on your existing knowledge, reading speed and level of understanding.
dec member courses
for universities and educators
Signal quality to your students and customers by ensuring your blockchain, crypto, or web3 course is DEC-certified! Become an active member to use DEC content and contribute to the global standard.
for dec candidates
If you are completely new to Blockchain, Crypto and Web3, we recommend joining one of our academic member courses, which will teach you the necessary foundational knowledge to further succeed in the DEC´s charterholder qualification.
come teach with us
Become an instructor for DEC’s preparatory courses
what it means being a professional
Best Practices of Blockchain & Cryptoasset Professional...
12 Aufrufe - vor 2 Wochen
Best Practices of Blockchain & Cryptoasset Professional...
12 Aufrufe - vor 2 Wochen
Best Practices of Blockchain & Cryptoasset Professional...
12 Aufrufe - vor 2 Wochen
Best Practices of Blockchain & Cryptoasset Professional...
12 Aufrufe - vor 2 Wochen
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Chartered Digital Asset Analyst - CDAA® Level 1

Preparatory 12h course

Chartered Blockchain Analyst - CBA® Level 1

Preparatory 12h course

Become a charterholder

Chartered Digital Asset Analyst i - cdaa®

For professionals with backgrounds in finance, banking, asset management and trading

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Chartered blockchain Analyst i - cba®

For professionals with backgrounds in enterprise, healthcare, public services, utilities and supply chain

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Check Out What DEC Alumni Are Saying

“Most knowledge in the blockchain space is self-taught. Certification through the DEC institute establishes an education standard, which serves as a useful calibration for test candidates, companies and DLT educators alike”

Susanne Fromm
Digital Ventures & Partnerships - Allianz

“A challenging but doable exam which gives you the opportunity to show your knowledge and expertise in digital assets and blockchain technology. A new standard in the digital asset industry is emerging!”

daniel bathe
Senior Portfoliomanager - Union Investment

“The next level of digitalization is approaching with Blockchain-based Digital Identities and Digital Assets at the core. DEC Institute certifications enable us to proof our team’s expertise in front of our clients in this new space.”

dr. steffen reidt
Head of Blockchain - Capgemini Invent DACH ​

“Digital assets are already shaping today’s financial services world and will significantly change it in the future. Whether your interest is professional or personal, the DEC Institute’s charterhold being thematically broad and demanding give participants a good sense of where they stand currently and which areas they should study further.

marcus abbassi
Head Digital Assets - Kaleido Privatbank AG

“Finally those professionals who have been working in the industry and learning by themselves can certify and prove their expertise.”

Marcel Niederberger
Senior Portfoliomanager - Union Investment