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Participating in lifelong learning demonstrates a commitment to professional excellence. The DEC Institute has created an ecosystem of institutions and leading industry players to help guide an individual’s personal development as they become practitioners in the blockchain and digital assets industry. Stay competitive in this fast-paced environment with our collection of professional learning resources. The DEC Institute and its active member organisations who teach, research, and develop DLT and blockchains help you ensure that you are in tune with what’s happening and always stay up-to-date with the latest development practices.

DEC Study Booklet

Read and study from the DEC Institute´s booklet, covering timely topics on blockchain, digital assets and Web3. This study booklet has been developed to help you prepare for the DEC examination and will support you throughout the preparation period. It includes mandatory and optional readings selected by our members and sample questions along the exam syllabus.

DEC Online Course

Watch and learn from leading professors and teachers from DEC academic and industry members, as a support to the DEC Institute´s study booklet, if you prefer to have a guided and more visual learning experience. In Q1 2023 the Basic Preparation Course of 12 hours will be launched, followed by an Extensive Preparation Course of 24 hours. Sign-up to our Newsletter to stay informed.

DEC Member Courses

Find a series of online and offline courses and training provided by DEC member universities and training providers, which further support your journey to becoming an industry professional. These courses and training allow you to deep-dive your expertise in your area of interest, for and beyond the DEC´s charterholder programme.


For professionals with backgrounds in enterprise, healthcare, public services, utilities and supply chain


For professionals with backgrounds in finance, banking, asset management and trading.

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Most knowledge in the blockchain space is self-taught. Certification through the DEC institute establishes an education standard, which serves as a useful calibration for test candidates, companies and DLT educators alike.

Susanne Fromm - Digital Ventures & Partnerships - Allianz

Finally those professionals who have been working in the industry and learning by themselves can certify and prove their expertise.

Marcel Niederberger - Head of Operations - FiCAS AG

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